Look at the very best performers in any field - athletes, military personnel, entertainers, first responders, business leaders. These individuals may have superb physical and intellectual traits, but it is what's going on above the neck and between the ears that sets them apart. The difference between settling and achieving, between good and great, between contentment and fulfillment, is based entirely on their mental approach. 

if these great performers, the best of the best, can learn excellence, so can everyone else.

Learned Excellence is a guidebook for anyone, in any field, looking to improve their performance. It is drawn from the expertise and insights of Dr. Eric Potterat, who has spent more than three decades working with thousands of top performers from the military, sports, first responder, and business worlds, and of Alan Eagle, former Google executive and co-author of How Google Works and Trillion Dollar Coach

Excellence isn’t innate, it is 100% learned.        

Dr. Potterat distills his learnings into five mental disciplines for high performance:

We are all performers, at work, at school, at home, and at life. Learned Excellence provides the roadmap to help each of us perform at our very best.

Values & Goals. What are the things you care about the most? Why do you do what you do? Is it for your reputation, or based on your identity? What big ambitious goals do you want to set for yourself?  

Mindset. Maybe you’ve heard of things like positive mindset and growth mindset, which sounds cool, but what do they mean and how do you get there?  

Process. As in trust the process and don’t worry about the outcome. Which again sounds cool, but … what? How can you not worry about the outcome? 

Adversity Tolerance. We are wired to fight, flee, or freeze when confronted with a stressful situation, but that instinct, which helped our species survive eons ago, doesn’t work so well in most situations today. What can you do about that?
Balance and Recovery. You are not what you do. There are many different aspects of your life that deserve your attention, but sometimes when you’re juggling a bunch of balls you may drop one or two. Some stuff has to wait. Is that OK?  

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